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When my sweet friend over at Polka Dot Skies did a “5 interesting things you may not know about me” post and then encouraged us to play along, I couldn’t help but join in the fun, so here goes…

#1 I recently became a vegetarian

I take issue with all the inhumane ways animals are slaughtered for meat production and find all the growth hormones and other chemicals  extremely unhealthy, so I decided to forgo all cattle, pork, and poultry products. On rare occasion, I will eat fish and shellfish, but I do my very best to make sure they are wild caught and fresh. I encourage all meat eaters on the fence about joining us veg heads to read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

#2 I LOVE audiobooks

I am an ferocious reader, but I am obsessed with audiobooks. I have one in the car {Michael Crichton – State of Fear} and one on my laptop to take with me when I am getting ready in the morning or baking or even cleaning around the house {Diana Gabaldon – Dragonfly in Amber.} I have also started Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants for light summer reading.


#3 I am a total N-E-R-D

Ok, this might not be such a surprise, but it is definitely worth noting. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Star Wars, really anything with stars in it, Lord of the Rings, and Firefly. I am positive there is more, but you get the idea. I even designed my dining room to look like something right out of Hogwarts and I also have my own Honeydukes display.

#4 Mario Kart Master

Several of my weeknights are consumed with playing Mario Kart Wii with my brother and father. I live in NC, while they are in Florida, so we connect via the Wii online network. It is a great bonding experience and we get to catch up with each other about how our week has been.


#5 The Element Song by Tom Lehrer

A few years back, I proposed a contest to my fourth grade class…memorize the infamous Elements Song by Tom Lehrer and win a cupcake courtesy of me. Of course, I couldn’t expect them to memorize it if I hadn’t, so I spent several weeks practicing. To this day, I can sing all the Elements {except for the 15 discovered after the song was created.} FYI, so can Daniel Radcliffe. ;)

Tom Lehrer

Bonus fact: I was fortunate to have Little Polka Dot, Polka Dot Skies’ daughter, in my class not just for first grade, but also for second. She was and still is such an amazing girl!

Do you want to play along? I would love to know what 5 interesting facts you have to share! Please let me know if you would like to participate and I will officially tag you!

2 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. Such a fun post! I could easily become a vegetarian … I do not even want to think about meat too much. I enjoy Ken Follett’s books! How cool that you and your dad and brother play Mario Cart across the miles! You just made Little Polka Dot’s day! She still loves you so much!

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