Meet Carrie


A little background…

Hi! I’m Carrie.

I am a small town foodie living in the Lake Norman area just outside of Charlotte, NC. I am originally a Florida girl and love all things associated with my home state…beaches, Buccaneers, and of course, Disney. Growing up so close to Orlando, no other theme park can compare. I met the love of my life when I was 18 and we were married just a few short years later in the midst of a hurricane. We share our space with 3 fur babies, Scrappy, Waffles, and Bogart. Mr. BNP is a graphic artist who designs collegiate apparel and does many, if not all, of my photos, as well as web design. My paid profession and just one of my passions in life is to be an educator to an amazing group of fourth grade students. After a long day of teaching, I enjoy learning and experimenting new recipes and baking techniques in the kitchen. I always tell my students to never stop learning and I believe that to be true in every aspect of life –especially in the kitchen!

What is Bake No Prisoners all about? 

What is “Bake No Prisoners”?  “Bake No Prisoners” is a mindset: it’s baking without fear, without holding back.  It means taking that risk, adding that little extra element to my creations to make it different from the everyday.  It’s adding a dash of myself into what I do, conceiving what makes ME happy first and exposing my successes (and failures!) to the world.

I started Bake No Prisoners, or BNP for short, in 2011 because I love to bake and I wanted to share that love with others. Whether it be recreating old recipes or exploring  new, inventive ones, I am here to show you that baking can be fun. It’s all about taking control of your kitchen and knowing that baking is easier than you think. I am simply here to enjoy good food, photography, and to find the yummy things in life. I encourage you to join me and appreciate your comments immensely, however nonconstructive, negative, and hurtful comments will not be published or tolerated.

Snap. Click. Zoom.

I use the Sony NEX-5N for all my photos. The most important rule I have learned about photography is to shoot EVERYTHING in manual mode. When you do that, then you can adjust the aperture and shutter speed. Do not, I repeat, do not think that choosing the Intelligent mode will get you what you want out of your photos. Study your manual. Watch how to videos. Talk with others who have been there. And invest in a good photography light box. This one is mine. Adorama Photo Studio In-A-Box. Photos are important. Add as many great photos as you can to your post. Most people enjoy photos more than the actual post. With all that being said, I am still learning, so I apologize if a horrible picture gets past me and onto the blog every now and then.

Do you sell your sweet treats?

If I have time, I am more than happy to fill an order if you are in the Lake Norman area. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Wanna be friends?

Questions or comments? Email me at

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The fine print…

All images, illustrations, and  content on BNP is copyrighted Carrie Hoke(2011-2013), unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in reproducing my work, please do so with appropriate attribution and links back to BNP.

At this time, I am interested in sponsorships and  reviewing products, but I will only feature items on my blog that I would buy again at full retail price. Thank you for your interest!

Bake No Prisoners is in no way affiliated with Pine Lake Preparatory and all posts, comments, and photos belong solely to Bake No Prisoners.


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  2. Lynda M. Jones (a FV friend) told me about your blog today!!! I love the ideas for St. Patrick’s Day!! Thanks for sharing your ideas with everyone! Have a great time blogging! (I also know Kathy Hoke from our Skycrest/North Dunedin days!)

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