Top Ten Countdown to Harry’s Birthday: #4 Cockroach Clusters

“‘How about these?’ said Ron, shoving a jar of Cockroach Clusters under Hermione’s nose. ‘Definitely not,’ said Harry” (Prisoner of Azkaban).

Normally if you asked me anything that had the word, cockroach, in it, I would be running for the hills. Palmetto bugs (as they are commonly referred to in Florida) are big, brown, and downright nasty little creatures. I am petrified that they will come in my bed in the dead of night and chew off my eyebrows….I digress…

But these cockroach clusters however, are made of chocolatey caramel goodness with a crunch of  pecans! I have also heard them called “the poor man’s turtles”, but I prefer to think of them as just another treat from Honeydukes! They were super easy to make and with just 3 ingredients, it won’t break the Gringotts bank!

The clip of the day comes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is where Harry and Professor  Dolores Umbridge face off about Lord Voldemort’s existence and Harry gets detention(torture). As a teacher, I pride myself on being more of a fun Professor Lupin type of teacher rather than scary, rule enforcing Umbridge. She takes the fun out of learning  everything! Not to mention, she slightly reminds me of my grandmother!

Cockroach Clusters


Rollos, unwrapped

Pecan pieces

Melting Chocolate

1. Place a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Arrange the unwrapped Rollos on the parchment, at least 1.5″ away from each other.

2. Place the cookie sheet in an oven preheated to 350 degrees for about 3 minutes, until the Rollos are soft but not melted out of shape.

3. Press  pecan pieces on top of each Rollo, smashing them into the Rollo (so that it looks like you stepped on the little critter). Let the Rollos harden.

4. Melt more chocolate over top of the pecans, and smooth with a tooth pick or your finger. This is when you get to be extra creative. Use the chocolate to create antennae, legs, wings, whatever you’d like!

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